About Our Company

Jester Technologies is a company owned and operated by Mike Atchison with the purpose of servicing and refurbishing wire/sinker EDM machine tools,selling used EDM equipment, replacement parts and consumables. 

Our company’s pledge is to provide high quality service and support based on the needs of each individual customer.

​Mike has a long history in the EDM industry with over 38 years of experience in this field. Jester Technologies began as a sideline project while Mike was employed by a local EDM company. Throughout the years, this sideline project began to take on a life of its own as Mike began working as a R&D Group Manager for a large OEM EDM corporation. After working for this corporation for nine years, in 2001 Mike decided it was finally time for Jester Technologies to take flight and become his full-time business. Over the past 18 years, Jester has showed significant growth. As we forge ahead into the future, we look forward to watching Jester continue to evolve and expand.