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Jester Technologies stocks most Mitsubishi 16, 32 and 64 bit machine parts.

Motors, Encoders, PC boards, Servo Amplifiers, Pumps, Tooling.

Please contact us if you don't see what you need.

Mitsubishi CX & FX series Hand Pendant, Multiple units in stock

Mitsubishi 16 bit Hand Pendant

Mitsubishi H series XY Servo Amp, Multiple units in stock

Mitsubishi C340 Servo Amp


Mitsubishi 20KG Winder

Multiple units in stock

Mitsubishi CX / FX series 
ABC Power Supply
Multiple units in stock

​Mitsubishi 6 pin alignment block with cable. 32 & 64 bit compatible.

​Mitsubishi Sinker Advanced  Hand Pendant

​Mitsubishi FA & RA

Hand Pendant

Mitsubishi CX & FX series Main Unit, Multiple units in stock

​Mitsubishi Advanced Hand Pendant,  HA to MV compatible

Mitsubishi J. K & V Series

Hand Pendant

Mitsubishi C series Servo Amp

Multiple units in stock